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It's not easy keeping up with what's hot. Staying ahead of the consumer is truly a full-time job in itself!
Clinton and I talk about how to stay ahead of the game and what we should do next to make sure that we get the largest piece of the pie. (that is why we work out, roid out, use HGH and get Botox!!! LOL!Jk Jk) But for real, we have a few business tips that we have found to be SUPER useful!

1. Pinterest - One of our favorite resources for identifying current trends is by using Pinterest. You can simply search for any category that is relevant to your business and scroll through the plethora of posts to see what is popular. Getting your inspiration for new styles from sources that speak to the masses is just smart business.

2. Instagram - Insta can be a bit of a learning curve but once you figure it out... it is AMAZING! We follow similar business models to get ideas for promotions and products! We are careful to look for businesses or product lines that have a lot of followers.

3. Facebook - One of our favorite past time entertainments is typing in random topics in the Facebook search engine to see what people are talking about! We will type a topic, select posts, and then use the filters so we can target our local market consumers.

Playing "the game" when you are an entrepreneur is inevitable. So, do yourself a favor and have some fun figuring out your next move.



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